Auction Sites Bid-Sniper and Automated Search & Alert for newly listed items

Auction Sites, Automates Search & Alert & Bid-Snipe APP for Smartphones and Tablets
Automates your searches to run every 10 minutes displaying newly listed items
Alerts via mobile notifications and emails when new items were just listed by sellers
Auction Bid-Sniper will place your maximum Bid at the last seconds of ending time
Bid Status Alerts when Outbid starts 20 minutes before auction end time
New APP Design & Technologies Features large items displays and buying options
Edit/Refine Searches, see what is new and listed today, add to Watch list
Works with eBay worldwide sites and many auction and shopping sites

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  • Site Selection
  • New Search
  • Item Detail
  • Watch List
  • Search items
  • Watch Item
  • New listed itmes
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