Auction Sites Bid-Sniper and Automated Search & Alert for newly listed items

When you need more speed, more searches, more snipe-bids; XP-Pro

Based on years of experienced eBay and Auction Sites Trading Buying & Selling we introduce the Segbay products; Segbay, SegbayPro, Web & APP tools, we are presenting SegbayXP-Pro, the ultimate search & alert tools for new listings & Sniper Bid tools

As a rule, the best items with the best price will be purchased as soon as they are listed. Some buyers, collectors at times will open multi browsers on their computers to do the hard work of searching for items within their category criteria. As more items are listed with a buy now only option, the items with best price will be gone by the time you search starts

What does SegbayXP do for you;

  1. SAVES your searches with your set criteria, price range, item specific (Save up to 50 searches)
  2. AUTOMATES the searches to RUN every 2 minutes (24x7x365)
  3. ALERTS you when new items are found with mobile notifications & emails
  4. MOBILITY enables you to Buy, Bid, Snipe, Watch from Smartphones & mobile devices
  5. Use SegbayXP-Pro Bid-Sniper, will automatically place your max bid at the last seconds
  6. Features Large display of items and buying terms, ask seller, view score & feedback, see more details, Slide Show for items found
  7. SegbayXP-Pro only displays new items that listed by sellers today and within the last 2 minutes
  8. Search Refresh at any time to look at today’s new listings
  9. Notifications alerts are saved for 10 days with item number & price and linked to the listing page
  10. Cost; SegbayXP-Pro mobile APP cost is $ 11.99 per month (30 free days)
  11. No additional fees, no contracts, no sniping fees, no credit cards,
  12. Segbay toosl and SegbayXP-Pro are used by collectors of any kind, Repaire shopes looking for parts, Traders of unique items and anybody who is looking for best deals on the net

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